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Are you coming to the Norfolk for your holiday?

Why not hire one of our bell tents!

Our 5 metre bell tent is perfect for any accommodation that you may need and we have 4 options for you. A pitched empty tent, a guest tent, a sleepover party tent and a chill out tent. We will deliver, erect and dress your tent within a 30 mile radius of Brancaster Staithe on the Norfolk coast. This could be in your own back garden or at a holiday home you are staying at (we would first need permission from the owner of the house to do this). Delivery is free within 15 miles, outside of this boundary will incur a 50p delivery charge per mile, each way.

Sleepover birthday party.

Lauren’s sleepover birthday party.

Imagine turning up for your holiday in Norfolk and there was something extra special waiting for you in the garden for the little ones? A beautiful bell tent all lit up with twinkling fairy lights and pretty bunting, which the children will simply adore!

Chill Out Tent Norfolk

Chill Out Tent on the Norfolk coast

These magical bell tents are a great place for the kids to hang out during your holiday and inside will be furnished with soft rugs, bunting, fairy lights, tables, floor cushions, blankets and lanterns. You don’t have to do a thing just turn up, relax and enjoy; we will set everything up for you!

Sleepover birthday party tent

This unique and special experience will undoubtedly enhance the chill-out time for you and your children during your stay on the Norfolk coast.

Is it someone’s birthday? Why not experience your own bit of Glamping and have a sleepover party tent for the younger ones. Complete with airbeds, bedding, blankets & pillows, lanterns, torches, chandelier and a midnight feast.

Sleepover birthday party tent

Sleepover birthday party tent

Demand is always high, particularly during the peak summer periods so don’t leave it too late and contact  us now at 2posh2pitch.

Sleepover birthday party tent

Sleepover birthday party tent

Prices begin at £150 for a weekend or a midweek rental, properties must have a flat grassed area to allow one to be booked.

If you’re already staying or thinking of staying in one of Barefoot retreats then you’re in luck as we already supply our bell tents to their properties. Please check first to see if the house has a big enough garden.

Please contact us with any requirements that you may have and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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