Our Bell Tents

How big are the tents at Barn Drift Wild?

They are 5 metres in diameter with a sewn in bathtub

style groundsheet, plus 4 windows with mosquito windows. 

What is included in the tents?

Each tent has everything you need for a comfortable and

cosy nights stay, with a real king-size bed, plus a fitted

sheet, 2 lanterns, 2 torches, ivy garland with fairy lights wrapped around the inside pole, small mirror, 1 coolbox, 1 small foldaway table,  2 bedside table’s and a rug. 

Please bring your own bedding & extra blankets.

Outside each tent will be it's own barbecue, garden tables & chairs, a fire pit for toasting marshmallows, all decorated with bunting and twinkling fairy lights.

What do I need to bring when I come glamping at Barn Drift Wild?

Due to COVID-19 we are now asking guests to bring their own bedding, hand towels and tea towels. We hope you can understand that its your health and safety that is our main priority.

Charcoal for your barbecue, firelighters, lighter or long matches, wellies, waterproofs, umbrella, spare clothes, warm clothes for nighttime and a good book to read.

Are there extra batteries for the lights?

Yes, there will be a box of charged batteries in the kitchen box. Please do not throw away the batteries. 

Do the bell tents at Barn Drift Wild in Cley have electric?

Our tents do not have electric, but there are plenty of sockets up at the hangar.

Gas Stove

We no longer include a gas stove within our bell tent package. you can, however, hire one for £7.50. Includes a full gas canister and a kettle.

Kitchen Box for 5 includes:

1 chopping board, a sharp knife, bottle & tin opener, plates, cups, plastic wine glasses, wooden spoons, 1 saucepan, water container, cutlery, a kettle, earplugs, small folding table, charged batteries, water container, dish cloth & a sponge. 


Bathrooms & Toilets

There are 3 of each. Extra cleaning products will be left inside if you want to be more vigilant with the cleanliness. If you have booked the whole site, then two families will need to share one toilet and shower.

Washing up 

If you have prepared food at your tent, then use the washing up bowl to transport everything to the hangar and wash up from there. 

Fun Stuff 

There will be a badminton set on the field and a hammock in the trees. Go for a bug hunt or try your luck at crabbing in Blakeney. 

Fire Safety

There will be a fire blanket inside the tent in the kitchen box and fire extinguishers in the hangar.


Please be aware you are in the countryside and you will be sharing your space with wild birds and animals, please be kind. you may be lucky enough to hear the foxes and deers barking at night, the owls hooting and the insects chirping. 

How to light your fire?

Lay a small amount of dry kindling in the bottom of the pit, place a couple of firelighters on top, then build the kindling into a pyramid making sure that you can still get a match to the firelighters. Light the fire and enjoy. If you're having a barbecue, wait until the kindling burns down, add some coal and more kindling. Wait until the coal turns white and enjoy your barbecue. 

Please do not pull any branches off the trees, only use wood that is supplied. 

Hot Ash

Please dispose of your hot ash in the bin provided. 


Please make sure all rubbish is emptied into the correct bins.